Monthly Archives: August 2011

Staying Motivated

I come from a long line of procrastinators. I will put something off, and keep putting it off until it’s late, and then put it off some more. It is something I struggle with every day. “I should really get up and go finish that painting,” but I end up clearing out my email inbox instead. So how do I break this pattern of doom? How do I motivate myself? Well, there’s the ever present To-Do List. This list is usually several pages long and has something new added to it just about every day. And I make a deal with myself: If I can complete three things on that to-do list each day, then I can treat myself with something I’d rather do instead. Now, it takes a lot of discipline to make this work, and it also helps that my husband is my biggest cheerleader, while being my strictest coach. So a support team has helped a lot. It also helps that I now surround myself with other professionals that I admire, and I want to live up to what their expectations of a fellow professional are. I will say, there is one (and only one) upside to procrastination: I have learned to work very well under pressure.