Fun crochet challenge

Yesterday, my husband and I were driving around St. Augustine and decided to stop by the outlet shops on our way back home to Jacksonville. After spending a good chunk of change in the baby store, I walked down to the maternity store while he went over to his sports shop. While at the maternity store, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the “As Is” racks. While browsing through them, I came across a deal I just couldn’t pass up. A t-shirt with an original price of $26 was marked down to just $1 because it has several holes cut into it. I thought, “I can fix this. This is such an easy fix!” I picked a few other shirts out as well and paid for my items. Upon arriving home, I jumped on Ravelry and started looking for flower appliques. I found these that I really like and think I’ll make a go of:

Two Simple Flowers

Tiny Crochet Flower Pattern

Free Crochet Flower Pattern – The Perfect Posey

Little Flowers in Three Sizes

And just for a little extra fun, I found this leaf pattern too: Veined Leaf – Free Crochet Pattern.

I will definitely be posting updates of this project as it progresses. I’m relatively excited about it and if it turns out well, I have a number of other shirts with small holes that I’d like to fix this way too.



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