Monthly Archives: June 2012

Photo of the Day – June 28th

Photo if the Day for June 28th is another one of the hibiscus plants in my yard. This color happens to be my favorite out of all of them. I have six different plants in four different colors, so maybe tomorrow I’ll post the peach double blooms that have recently shown themselves. Only the red one needs to start budding now.



Photo of the Day – June 27th

Photo of the Day for June 27th are some mushrooms that sprouted up in my front yard. My husband hates it when they do.


Photo of the Day – June 26th

Photo of the day from June 26th is the sunrise over the Atlantic.


Hopefully today…

I’ve gotten a little behind on my Photo of the Day posts. I’ve honestly been afraid to turn the computer on because of the problems Tropical Storm Debbie has been causing. Now that she seems to have passed us by though and we’ve seen the sun again, I’m hoping that after I get caught up on client work tonight I’ll be able to post some photos from the last couple days, as well as a few of my works in progress that are currently sitting on my crochet hooks and knitting needles. Fingers crossed.

Photo of the Day – June 25

Today’s Photo of the Day is part of our scenic drive through Big Talbot Island State Park.


Photo of the Day – June 24

The Photo of the Day for Sunday is the Crepe Myrtle that’s gone into bloom in my back yard. We also have pink and purple ones, but I think the white is so pretty.


Photo of the Day – June 23

Today’s Photo of the day is a series of sunrise shots taken while on the way to my husband’s triathlon this morning. He finished the triathlon in 1 hour and 34 minutes.


When it rains it pours

Had my identity stollen. They got away with $400 from my checking account, which is about half my paycheck. Thankfully, my credit union is not holding me responsible and said they would put the money back in my account. That will take up to three weeks though, so I now have to call my student loan companies to let them know why my payments will be late this month.

Photo of the Day

Today’s Photo of the Day is also from my garden. It’s one of the little orange marigolds that’s started to bloom. I thought this particular box of golds were completely dead this past spring and almost dumped it. So glad now I was too occupied with other things to do that.


Silver Lining

My grandparents (God rest their souls) used to tell me “In every storm cloud there is a silver lining.” After the week I’ve had, I’m searching for that silver lining today.

The new job my husband had been offered was unoffered. He had a breakdown in which he said he couldn’t live another year with his current job and I was the only thing in life keeping him going. As someone who battled my own depression for many years, hearing him say stuff like this scares me to death. We had a long, tear filled conversation about him getting someone to talk to on a regular basis about the way he’s feeling. He hasn’t committed to it though.

That same night, our dog Koufax had one of his night fits again and I was up past midnight before I could get him to go to sleep.

My boss at work then bit my face off and went off on a faculty member for not checking with her first before they sent out an assignment to the current class. I tried to take the blame for it to spare the faculty member, but no such luck. My boss is generally a nice lady, but her recent (over the past few months) outbursts are going to make me start looking for another job soon if they continue, and no one wants to hire a pregnant lady.

And the final topping on the bad week cake? In the six years that I’ve been in the photography business, I have my first unhappy bride. She is upset with the way her images turned out, which breaks my heart because I’m naturally a people pleaser. I’m trying to work with her to recrop a vast majority of the images so it’s more along the lines of what she had in mind, but she’ll always have that feeling of not liking her wedding photography. It makes me feel like I ruined her life.

I really hope the rest of this week gets better and the “when it rains, it pours” situations stop popping up.