Counting Blessings

You may have noticed its been a little over a week since my last post. Home life has just been really crazy this past week so I haven’t had time to post any photos of the day. Today was no picnic either, and I’m honestly surprised I’m posting. Truth be told, I found the WordPress app for my phone, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting now either.
My husband and I tried our hand at our first yard sale today. It was going great until it came time to clean up. While moving a clothing rack, my husband collapsed. It was the scariest thing I have seen in quite some time. He blacked out for a few seconds, but then I was able to get him up and inside the house. He immediately laid down on the wood floor and I noticed for the first time how warm he was. After running to the kitchen to get ice packs and cold, wet towels, I took his temperature. About 100 degrees F and steady. I moved him to the bathroom and had him soak in a cold bath until his temp returned to normal. He said his head hurt and he just wanted to lay down. After moving him to bed, I made him eat a juice bar (frozen juice popsicle) and a banana since he hadn’t had anything to eat in the previous five hours.
He fell asleep shortly after that and I called his mom, who is a retired nurse, to see if there was anything else I should do or if I should take him to the doctor. She came over to check all his vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and thank heaven they were all ok. She said I did good getting his temperature down quickly before his heat exhaustion turned into heat stroke, which I would have had to call 911 for (I honestly wanted to in the first place). She left me with a list of instructions and then I watched him sleep for four hours. I was too scared to leave his side or fall asleep next to him.
He woke for dinner and more fluids, and then he returned to bed. Which is where I am at now, still keeping a watch over his temp and breathing, still too worried to leave his side or fall asleep.
I canceled the second day of our yard sale (tomorrow) and called a colleague to cover a client event for me this evening. Thankfully, my client was very understanding. I hated having to send a substitute photographer, but my husband is my main priority right now. I can’t imagine my life without him if his condition had elevated to heat stroke and he had died from it.
So tonight, I am counting my blessings, and giving thanks to God. I hope anyone who reads this post will understand that heat related emergencies can happen to anyone (my husband is 31 and physically fit), and everyone should educate themselves on how to recognize when someone is overheating before they get to the point my husband did, as well as what to do should you be the one with someone who is suffering from a heat related ailment. It’s definitely something I spent a few hours today researching.


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