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Well, it’s a good thing I took my crochet to labor & delivery class last week. After watching the two birth stories, our instructor went into detail about spinal taps and epidurals. Having my crochet with me was the only thing that kept me from running out of the room in terror. For those who don’t know, I have a legitimate, medically diagnosed phobia of medical needles. My doctors keep my immunizations and blood draws to an absolute minimum because every time a doctor or nurse approaches me with a needle, I have a panic attack. These attacks include elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and hyperventilation, which in turn leads to passing out. So when our L&D instructor started showing pictures and describing the procedure in detail, I kept my eyes on my granny squares and flinched every time she talked about puncturing the skin. I know the only way I will be having any type of needle stuck into my back is if an emergency c-section is required and in that instance, they better just knock me out completely. I still have no idea how I’m going to handle them sticking me with an IV. The only time I’ve ever had one done I ended up panicking and ripping it out. That caused such a commotion they stuck me in a mental facility for 24 hours.

Even my doctors (I see a team of 4) are trying to figure out how to best handle my needle phobia without causing any additional stress to the baby. I’m starting to think I should have looked into birthing centers or home birth instead of a hospital to have this kid.

Thankfully, tomorrow night’s L&D class is going to concentrate on the actual delivery and post delivery procedures. So fingers crossed no more needle talk. I’m still going to take my crochet stuff with me though. I don’t like the idea of being there with nothing to concentrate on if the instructor starts talking about needle stuff again.

Speaking of crochet, I have only two more squares to go before my baby’s blanket is ready to stitch together. I’m excited because it feels like I’ve been working on this project forever. I also started knitting a blanket for one of my friends’ babies. As I mentioned before, I have three friends who are due a few weeks after me. This blanket is my first experience knitting with circular needles, though I’m not knitting it in the round. I’m also trying something new for me and that’s changing yarn colors without having to stitch together separate pieces. I’m trying to give the blanket stripes. I just have to figure out how wide to make them. I’m hoping to post a photo once I get a few stripes made. It’s such a soft, fuzzy yarn in pretty baby blue and navy blue. I might also do a few stripes in silver. I haven’t really decided yet. Either way, I’m going to save some of the yarn to make a little matching hat too.

Seven weeks to go (give or take) before baby arrives. I’m looking forward to meeting him, but the house is totally not ready for his arrival yet. I’ve got two rooms to clean out, one so we can make it a spare bedroom for my parents to stay in when they visit and the other to serve as the baby’s room. It just seems like I have no time to do that stuff in. Last weekend though, I had my final wedding before baby’s arrival. So once I deliver the images and items they ordered next week, I’ll have my nights and weekends free again to make the house ready for baby. It’s so exciting and even my husband is looking forward to helping prep the rooms.


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