Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Sorry I’ve been away for a little while. Between caring for my husband, who’s still recovering from his trip to the ER a few weeks ago (heat exhaustion can take some time to bounce back from), and adjusting to my last month of pregnancy, plus client work in crunch mode, it’s been very hard to find the time to commit to this blog.

I’ve been working on a few baby hats the last week to send to my pregnant friends. Considering they’re due two weeks after me, I figured hats would take less time than blankets. And I was right. I’ve done three hats in the last week. Once my little man arrives, I’ll be able to start blankets for family members who are expecting in January & February. Speaking of blankets, I need to keep moving on my baby’s blanket. I still have to finish weaving in tails and then stitch all the squares together. I’ll have the opportunity to do that tomorrow night while I watch Project Runway.

It’s an astounding thought knowing my baby could arrive any time within the next five to seven weeks. All I can think about is all the stuff I still have to do to prepare our home for this new little life.

Well, that covers everything except Photo of the Day. So here it is.



About sapphireartist

I am.... a Christian who appreciates world religions, a wife, a mother a daughter, a best friend, a strong woman, an artist, a hopeless romantic, a theater buff, a dancer, a musician, a writer, a dog person, a cat person, a sister, an aunt, a food critic, my own worst critic, a world traveler, a lover of freedom, a tree huger, a lover of the sea, a Disney fan, a Virgo, an avid reader, a country girl living in the big city, an actress, a movie goer, a worry wart, a sailor, addicted to cheesecake. I hope to be........well, you'll just have to find out by reading my blog. :)

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