MIA and Getting Ready

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Getting ready for this baby has taken up a great deal of time. My husband keeps asking if I think he’ll come soon. Quite honestly, I don’t mind when he decides to arrive, so long as its after Monday (I have a wedding Saturday and need a few days to edit the images). My doctor is predicting a Sept. 16th delivery (due date is Sept. 15th) so we’ll see what little man decides to do.

I’ve started nesting. It’s gone as far as fixing our broken dishwasher. My husband keeps telling me to rest, and my answer to that is for him to clean the house then because I’m tired of looking at the mess. So far, he hasn’t lifted a finger to clean anything in the last month. Hence the nesting. And I keep wanting to wash baby clothes and finish the nursery. I just want my baby’s first day home to be sparkly clean. People keep telling me the baby won’t care, but I do.

I’ve still got so much to do, prepare, and purchase before baby gets here because I know I won’t have the time or energy to do it afterwards. That’s another reason for all the cleaning. My husband sure won’t do it and there’s no way I’m letting my mother-in-law come over to do it. On the rare occasion the in-laws do come over, all they ever do is yell and lecture about how “messy” everything is. Their version of “messy” is the average American’s version of “clean enough for visitors.”

I’m nervous about my in-laws trying to run our household as they did theirs. I don’t want them forcing their beliefs and practices on me and my husband when we become parents. They’re very controlling “my way or the highway” people. And I know they’re going to try to come over all the time after the baby is born. We’ve already had to tell them they’re not allowed to follow us home from the hospital. My husband and I have also made the decision that we want a few hours of privacy following delivery for our little family to bond. His parents insist on being called the moment we leave for the hospital and being in the delivery room the entire time. I don’t think so. That’s where my husband and I draw the line. If they want to sit in a waiting room for six or seven hours so be it, but there is no way they’re gaining access to the delivery room until after the baby’s born, I’ve had a chance to nurse him, and the three of us have had a chance to bond. Thankfully, my husband is completely on board with this decision.


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I am.... a Christian who appreciates world religions, a wife, a mother a daughter, a best friend, a strong woman, an artist, a hopeless romantic, a theater buff, a dancer, a musician, a writer, a dog person, a cat person, a sister, an aunt, a food critic, my own worst critic, a world traveler, a lover of freedom, a tree huger, a lover of the sea, a Disney fan, a Virgo, an avid reader, a country girl living in the big city, an actress, a movie goer, a worry wart, a sailor, addicted to cheesecake. I hope to be........well, you'll just have to find out by reading my blog. :)

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