Monthly Archives: February 2013

Photo of the Day – Feb 11th

Being a huge Disney fan myself, I have many stuffed Disney toys for my son. This is his jingle Pooh. It literally jingles like a little bell when he shakes it, and he loves it!



Photo of the Day – Feb 10th

Enjoying homemade ice cream.


Photo of the Day – Feb 9

I had the pleasure of meeting Catholic recording artist Steve Angrisano this weekend.


Photo of the Day – Feb 7

Just walking down the street.


Never in my life…

Would I have ever imagined that I would ever be asked to bedazzle a baseball cup. OMG. This bizzar request came from my husband. He’s a baseball coach and needed some sort of funny “trophy” to award the winner of the inner squad JV versus Varsity baseball game. He came up with this concept. Originally, I told him there was no way I would do this. I’m still trying to figure out how he talked me into it. So as I sat and watched beautiful creations on Project Runway, I bedazzled a cup.