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How Does Death Make You Feel?

Last night, I was working late into the night on some wedding images that I had taken, when my husband called from the livingroom, “Honey, you need to come out here. They’re saying Bin Laden is dead.” I curiously stepped out of my office, down the hall, and into our livingroom where I was greeted with the 42″ image of Osama and the caption “Osama Bin Laden Dead.” I sat quietly on the couch and listened to the CNN reports flood in, watched the footage of hundreds gather outside the Whitehouse in DC, and prayed. I was stunned that after almost ten years, they had finally accomplished their goal. And as someone with family and friends in the military (several in Afghanistan) I worried for the safety of our troops against his followers that might retaliate.

I wonder even now, how other individuals are feeling. How the families who lost loved ones in 9/11 must feel. How the families who have lost loved ones on the battle field must feel. How every other American that has no family tie to the war on terror must feel. The general feelings seem to be pride and relief. For me, I am still up in the air about how I feel. I am happy that he can no longer hurt anyone, and that families may find comfort in knowing he finally got what he deserved, but I fear for the safety of our troops, our embassies, our allies, and even us here at home. We have no idea what his followers are capable of at this point, and I think we all need to be aware that even though Osama is now dead, this war is far from over. I will continue to pray for our troops and our leaders, that they may remain safe as this war continues, and I encourage everyone else to do so as well.