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Photo of the Day – July 21st

Catching up on photo of the day posts. My husband had another sunrise triathlon this past Saturday. Even though I’m not a morning person, I love the beach at sunrise. I couldn’t decide which photo to use for photo of the day, so here are a few different ones.









Photo of the Day – July 19th

Catching up on photo of the day posts. It’s always interesting to feel the ocean on your feet, feeling it pull the sand out from underneath them.


Photo of the Day – July 14th

Today’s photo of the day is the sunrise while waiting for my husband’s triathlon to start. He had a personal best time today of 1 hour and 23 minutes. I’m very proud if him, even though I think he’s crazy for racing a week after he collapsed. He literally slept the rest of today.


Photo of the Day – July 5th

Catching up on photo of the day. Some wild flowers from the dunes at the beach.


Photo of the Day – July 4th

Catching up on photo of the day. We decided to skip the Independence Day fireworks this year since I’m seven months pregnant. So instead of fireworks, here’s another one of our beach trips.


Photo of the Day – July 1st

Catching up on photo of the day. This was from our outing to the beach (becoming a daily venture).


Photo of the Day – June 26th

Photo of the day from June 26th is the sunrise over the Atlantic.


Photo of the Day

My husband is competing in a triathlon tomorrow and we thought we’d go check out the course. You can imagine how stunned we were when we got to the beach and saw the water like this:


Camera: iPhone 3GS
Editing: Snapseed by Nik Software

Photo of the Day

Today’s Photo of the Day is from another beach trip. My husband and I are beginning to make a weekly habit of this beach trip idea.


Photo of the Day

Today’s Photo of the Day is from my trip to the beach this evening.