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A “Christian” People – Rant

I am not afraid to openly admit that I am a Christian woman, married to a Christian man. My husband teaches and coaches at a Christian school. We are both very active in our faith and have certain expectations of our fellow Christians. So I am very disheartened when I hear from a parent of one of the kids my husband coaches that there is a family bound and determined to get my husband fired because they don’t think their kid saw enough time on the field. They are so determined to get him fired that they are making things up. And naturally, instead of backing a good teacher and coach, the administration is bending to the parents’ whim because they’re afraid to lose the tuition since the parents threatened to pull their kid out of school. It makes me angry that a family who claims to be Christian could do such a thing! Do they not remember the commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against against thy neighbor”? They are not stopping to think of the fact that they are not only ruining my husband’s life if they succeed, but that their actions will have a large and lasting effect on myself and our baby (due at the beginning of next school year). I am ashamed of these fellow “Christians” and pray that God opens their eyes to their wrongdoings.

If you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for this family. Pray they see the error of their ways and abandon their appalling behavior. Please also pray that if they do succeed in their endeavor, that God will provide for our growing family.