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Photo of the Day – July 2nd

Catching up on photo of the day. In June I posted some photos of our dog Koufax. Here’s our other dog Reba. She’s such a sweetheart and likes sitting pretty for the camera.



Photo of the Day – June 20th

Today’s Photo of the Day is Koufax being back to his old self, chasing lizards, bugs, and anything else that moves. Glad my pup is feeling better after one of his “night fits.” Periodically, he will have one of these where he will howl and bark literally all night. We can’t figure out why he does it and it drove us so crazy we asked our vet for help. They were able to give us doggy sleeping pills so that we can get him to calm down and go to sleep when he has one of these fits. Last night was the first time we used one and it was so nice to be able to finally have a solution for his fits that didn’t involve sleeping on the kitchen floor with him.


Photo of the Day

Koufax went to the vet today and they think it’s just stress related because all the tests came back negative. So today’s Photo of the Day is my pup de-stressing by taking a nap, and later by playing.




One sick Puppy

Sorry I missed yesterday’s photo of the day. And it may be late into the night before I can post today’s. My dog Koufax has been sick since he got home from the groomer’s yesterday afternoon. It has not been pretty as he has no control of himself in any capacity right now (I’m sure you can guess what I’m referring to). The vet has given me a few things to try at home and if he does not improve by tomorrow morning, I am to take him in to see them. His diet right now consists of plain, white rice, water, and nothing more. I hope he feels better. He’s normally a very active dog and right now, the only thing he wants to do is sit at my feet. He won’t even chase his favorite ball. He barked constantly through the night, keeping me and my husband awake. As my husband is a very light sleeper, I will be spending tonight in the spare room with Koufax to minimize the noise for my hubby. 😦 Poor puppy. I hope he feels better soon. I want my happy-go-lucky dog back.

Photo of the Day

Today’s Photo of the Day is in honor of my cocker spaniel Koufax. He turns four years old today and is still happy as a puppy.


Well that was pointless

Well, I guess my last post was pointless. LOL. But to be honest, a lot has happened since then. First being that about a week after that post, I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were soooo excited! Three months later though, we lost our little one when her heart stopped. No explanation, it just stopped. We were devastated, and I was practically dead to the world. I stopped doing all the things I loved. There are NO words to describe the heartbreak of losing a child, especially one you never got a chance to hold. After about a month of being a zombi, I started to get better. I started slowly, first by picking up my point and shoot camera, then some knitting, then eventually threw myself full force into my day job, my art, and a part time photography business. The business has grown significantly and keeps me pretty…well…busy. There were (and still are) nights I would cry myself to sleep, or my husband and I would just start tearing up during dinner. I don’t think that hurt will ever go away, just get a little easier to deal with as time dulls it.

In January, my husband and I discovered that once again, we are expecting a baby. We have gone through a roller coaster of emotions spanning everything from the pure joy of finding out we’re pregnant to absolute terror of losing this baby too. Even now, at only 18 weeks, the thought sticks in the back of our minds that God could call this baby home at any time and there’s not a darn thing any doctor would be able to do to stop it. We pray constantly for a healthy, full term baby in September. My pregnancy is going well so far though and my doctors are positive. We’re excited to find out the baby’s gender later this month.

So with a growing business, a growing family, and the demands of everyday life, my blog and my art haven’t had the attention they deserve. My goal is though, to dedicate at least 30 minutes a week to the blog, and an hour a week to my art. Having placed these in an actual schedule will hopefully keep me up to date with both.

So, in honor of my new commitment, I post my first piece of art here. This is one of my dogs, Reba. Reba is a very special cocker spaniel. She has one blue eye, one brown eye, and a dark brown coat with lots of grey patches. She’s one of the sweethearts who’s helped me make it through the last several months.