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Photo of the Day – May 31

Every morning, ok maybe not every morning, I water the little seedlings of squash I’ve planted in my little four shelf greenhouse. A few weeks ago, when I first got around to planting them, I noticed a bird’s nest in one of the flower pots (last year it was in my watering can). A few days after that, I noticed four eggs in it. I have been watching mama bird for weeks, and keeping my cocker spaniels away from the nest. I even moved the flower pot up to a higher shelf, out of their reach. Well, this morning, mama was not home, but a little movement caught my eye and this is what I found.



Photo of the Day – October 22

Today’s photo comes from historic St. Augustine. I’m so lucky to live by such a historically rich city. This is the Lightner Museum, which used to be a hotel.


Photo of the Day – June 5

A deserted St. George St. in St. Augustine, Florida. Taken at about 12:30 in the morning.


Photo of the Day – June 2

River view at Marywood Retreat Center.


Photo of the Day – March 4

You would never know, looking at this photo, that is was only 55 degrees today.


Photo of the Day – June 23

Today’s Photo of the day is a series of sunrise shots taken while on the way to my husband’s triathlon this morning. He finished the triathlon in 1 hour and 34 minutes.


Photo of the Day

Today’s Photo of the Day comes from St. Augustine, FL.