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Photo of the Day – March 24

I love wildflowers, especially flowers that find the most unlikely places to grow.



Photo of the Day – 3-18-14

Photo of the Day is a flower found at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, where my son and I will visit tomorrow.


Photo of the Day – Oct. 31 and Nov. 1

I meant to post yesterday, but got caught up in all the Halloween Excitement. So here is the Halloween photo of the day. Isn’t my little Superman adorable?


And then there’s today’s Photo of the Day, All Saints Day to us Catholic folk.


This pretty little blossom with rain kisses reminds me of my own pretty little saint in heaven, whom I believe saved my son and I from a terrible car accident on the way home tonight. We were on the interstate, in the center lane. Out of nowhere, this car pulls up beside us and starts merging into us (he was looking down at his phone). I slammed on the breaks and blared my horn. He should have side swiped us clean off the road, but our vehicles missed each other by millimeters as he swerved in front of us and then back across the left lane, barely missing the guardrail. I thank our guardian angels and our little saint Alex for watching out for us tonight. Don’t text and drive people. Your life isn’t the only one at stake.

Photo of the Day – Oct. 18

Here is today’s photo of the day. The flowers in my office are in bloom.


Photo of the Day – March 5

One of the Gents in my office gave each of the ladies a flower today.


Photo of the Day – July 15th

Today’s photo of the day is one of the hibiscus flowers in my yard. This poor little plant has been trying to bloom for about a month and this single, drought stricken blossom is the only thing that’s made it because the squirrels keep stealing the buds.


Recent Projects

To save money, I purchased the majority of my maternity wardrobe used on eBay and at consignment shops. With any used clothing items, some are bound to come with stains or holes. Eventually, you notice them. I found an orange stain on one of my shirts last week and decided to cover it with a little flower.




I’ve picked the granny square afghan back up after frogging the first square completely. Now I’ve got six of these and with a few more I’ll be able to stitch them all together for my baby boy’s first blanket.



I’m still working on a bunch of flowers to fix the holes in a maternity shirt I bought at an outlet store. Just 20 more flowers to go and I’ll have enough to start stitching them on in the design I have in mind.


Photo of the Day – July 9th

Catching up on photo of the day. It’s been really hot and humid here, and with the lack of rain, all my hibiscus flowers are wilting.


Photo of the Day – June 28th

Photo if the Day for June 28th is another one of the hibiscus plants in my yard. This color happens to be my favorite out of all of them. I have six different plants in four different colors, so maybe tomorrow I’ll post the peach double blooms that have recently shown themselves. Only the red one needs to start budding now.


Photo of the Day

Today’s Photo of the Day is also from my garden. It’s one of the little orange marigolds that’s started to bloom. I thought this particular box of golds were completely dead this past spring and almost dumped it. So glad now I was too occupied with other things to do that.