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A Lot Can Happen in Two Months

So much has been going on since my last post. The beginning of June was crazy, wrapping up the end of my first school year. During the last two weeks of school, I found out my position had been cut, so I applied and interviewed for a position at a Catholic school. Well, I got it! And my first day is this Wednesday. Ironically enough, after I accepted the position, I got offers from four other schools. Crazy how that works out.

Another big piece of news is on Father’s Day, I found out I’m pregnant again. My husband and I couldn’t be happier! This pregnancy has been very different though. I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder so this pregnancy is high risk. That means twice as many doctor appointments and twice as many ultrasounds. On my last ultrasound, the doctor found a small hematoma, which they are monitoring. They are hoping it will be reabsorbed by my body. I find out next week if it has gone down any or gotten worse. It’s scary because just when we got my autoimmune disorder under control, this pops up and could cause a miscarriage too. I have full confidence in my doctors though. I’ve been very tired and nauseated most of these 10 weeks, but I don’t mind it because that’s how I know baby is still with us.

Other than the new job, and a new baby on the way, I have been working two jobs all summer, as well as going to art workshops, so unfortunately I have not been able to clean and organize my house the way I was planning to this summer, and I haven’t had a lot of time to spend with my son. Somehow, I have managed to find time to work on a few crochet projects. I made two toy hammocks for my son’s room and I’ve been working on an earth toned granny square pillow. I’ll have to take some photos later.

Speaking of photos, today I helped photograph a charity event with Locks for Love and ended up donating my hair in the process. Here are some before and after photos.





Pretty big change, but I think it’s cute.


Almost There

I finally finished all the squares for my baby’s first blanket. Now I’ve just got to weave in all the tails and stitch the squares together. It’s another few hours of work, but it feels so good to be this close to being done with it.


Recent Projects

To save money, I purchased the majority of my maternity wardrobe used on eBay and at consignment shops. With any used clothing items, some are bound to come with stains or holes. Eventually, you notice them. I found an orange stain on one of my shirts last week and decided to cover it with a little flower.




I’ve picked the granny square afghan back up after frogging the first square completely. Now I’ve got six of these and with a few more I’ll be able to stitch them all together for my baby boy’s first blanket.



I’m still working on a bunch of flowers to fix the holes in a maternity shirt I bought at an outlet store. Just 20 more flowers to go and I’ll have enough to start stitching them on in the design I have in mind.