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Baby Isla

At a recent guild meeting I won a one year pro subscription to Animoto. So here is a recent client’s slideshow. I can’t share it with her yet though because She hasn’t picked up her canvas yet (the very last image). When she does, I’ll be able to post this to my website and Facebook. I just don’t want to ruin the surprise for her. Since I’ve never really told any family, friends, or clients about this side blog, I don’t really have any worries that she might see it. I’m just so excited about it I can’t wait to share it with someone.



Bellies are beautiful

At 35 weeks, my husband and I went to our photographer and had our full maternity session. It was nice to be able to truly enjoy the site of myself being pregnant. Part of me actually feels “safe” from losing this baby, and all of me feels beautiful. Seeing the look in my husband’s eyes as he wrapped his arms around my naked, pregnant belly was truly amazing and made me feel like a piece of fine art. Which is why I left my conservative comfort zone, choosing the photographer we did (I think I may have accidentally flashed my photographer at one point too- oops) because the photographer we chose is well known in our state for his maternity fine art pieces. He and his female assistant made my husband and i feel very at ease.

Granted, I will never be bold enough to publicly display most of the images, but they will make nicely framed pieces for our bedroom and a nice album for us to look back on to remember how special this baby is and how blessed we are to have him.

Five more weeks (give or take) until little man arrives. It’s going to be so different having him in our lives. We know there are going to be challenges along the way, but he will be worth every single one.

As he drifted off to sleep, my husband asked me if I was scared of the labor. Truthfully, I’m not. I’m a little nervous about the IV still, but not about the labor itself. Will it hurt more than anything else I’ve ever felt? Guaranteed. But I’m not afraid because I know when it’s all over, I’ll get to hold my little boy. I still pray every day that God lets us keep this child to raise in His ways. As we get closer to our due date and the check-ups continue to go well, I feel more and more that God will answer that prayer with a resounding “yes.”

I would encourage other pregnant women to have not just maternity sessions, but progression sessions done on a monthly basis too. The little life inside you is so special and as we learned, so fragile. All we have to remember our first baby Alex by is my first two progressions (months 2 and 3). We have been blessed that God has let us keep this second baby so far and that’s why we didn’t hold anything back with this baby’s progression and maternity session. We also don’t know how many children God will bless us with in the future. That is the second reason we did everything we could now. The truth is, you just never know what life holds, so cherish everything while you can.