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Zoo Trip

Yesterday, a friend and I took our kids to the zoo. It was their second visit. My friend’s daughter was sort of interested, but my son was so excited to see everything. It was adorable, watching his face light up when he recognized the animals in each exhibit. He even loved some of them so much he threw fits when it was time to move to the next one. My remedy for the tantrums was, “Let’s go find the elephants!” He LOVES elephants, so I purposely saved them for last because I knew we would spend the most time with them. He had so much fun! He even got a new little friend on the way out.

Bird watching.





Loves the monkeys.



Loves the elephants too.





And here’s the little friend that followed us home.



My little monkey was so tired after his fun filled day at the zoo.




Catching Up

Has it really been two months since I blogged? I feel so lazy. Truth be told though, I’ve been super busy. Teaching has been an adventure, to say the least, and I find it hard to keep up with grading all the projects. Currently, I’m on spring break and I still have 160 projects and 110 quizzes to grade. Here are some of my Middle school and Elementary school students’ work.



In addition to my busy school schedule, I have to mention that my photography business has really picked up. I have a wedding, a new born session, a maternity session, an album design, and three religious ceremonies that all need edited and uploaded by the end of next week.

And with all that on my plate, I’m taking tomorrow off to take my son to the zoo. It’s been raining the last few days and tomorrow’s forecast is 75 and sunny, so we’re taking advantage of it.

Speaking of my son, he’s growing like a weed. He’s 18 months old now, weighs over 25 pounds, and is about 34 inches tall. He is super smart too. He’s running now and his vocabulary is ever increasing. He’s become obsessed with the show Little Einsteins. So obsessed in fact that he wants to watch the shows over and over, all in a row, and he starts crying when each episode ends. He’s also learned that he can watch it on the computer and if he clicks the mouse the next episode starts.




He’s still very active though. We think it may be time to buy him a riding toy.


He still loves to read too. We’ll go through his entire book collection (30-40) three times before he gets tired of it.


He has a thing for trains now too. We had to pry him away from this set at Toys R Us (resulting in a complete meltdown), but we did surprise him with his own train set when we got home. He’s played with it for hours on end and takes the engines with him everywhere.


All in all, this has been a very full two months.

Busy bee

I’ve been very busy this month with weddings, events, and portrait sessions. So there has been very little time for blogging, especially with Louie demanding so much time. He is growing like a weed by the way. He is only six months old and weighs 20 pounds and is 27 3/4 inches long (tall). He’s a rolley polley porker and I love it!


He is teething too. Toss in some separation anxiety and that makes him an extremely cranky kido when I’m not around.


On the upside, he has gotten very good at sitting up on his own. Only rarely does he topple over.


Still hates being on his tummy so no crawling yet. All in all, he’s pretty happy.


Photo of the Day – March 7

Do I really have to wake him?


Five Months of Love

I look at my son as we lay here in bed with my husband. Both are soundly asleep. It’s hard to believe that five and a half months has gone by since this little man entered our lives.

Yes, it has been difficult at times, but we are so thankful to have him.

He’s learned quite a bit in the last two months alone. He can now lift his head when he’s on his tummy (though he hates being there).

He’s also in love with the new knowledge that he can hold his feet. On more than one occasion, we’ve watched him pull his socks off.

He’s also getting better at sitting up, though sometimes he wobbles and tilts over still. I think he’ll be able to avoid that in the next month.

Other exciting news…he’s started eating “solids.” Right now it’s things like baby cereal, baby food, and puréed fruits and veggies…well, mostly fruits. He won’t eat it if its not sweet. I think he has inherited my sweet tooth.

He’s been to his first baseball game. We went to watch daddy coach the high school team.

And my little man loves it when we read to him. He’s even started “reading” to his teddy. It was so cute! He would look at the page, then start babbling, then look at his teddy, and babble some more.



When it’s all said and done, I know I am so blessed to have this little man in my life. I can’t wait to see what the next five months will bring.


Photo of the Day – March 1

There are little moments like this when my son falls back to sleep with my hand in his that I am thankful for all I have and know I am truly blessed.


Tiny Dancer or the Next Star Athlete?

Well, baby has been exceptionally active today.  He has been kicking, squirming, and rolling around practically all day. I’ve only had an hour or two of non-movement from him. Which leads me to wonder if he’ll be the athletic type once he’s born and gets a little bigger. I honestly think he’s going to be a little pistol that keeps my husband and I on our toes. I can’t wait for it though! Every moment, even the tough ones, will be a blessing. We never had the opportunity to meet our daughter before she died last October, so we feel exceptionally blessed to have our son for this long, and pray that he will be born into our lives in just eight short weeks (give or take).

Part of me thinks he will have a very happy-go-lucky personality full of imagination and mischief. I hope he has the desire to always learn new things, and I really hope that my husband won’t be the only parent he shares interests with. In other words, I want him to have the “best of both parents” so to say. I hope he has my husband’s happy-go-lucky nature and my imagination. Only time will tell and every day will be an adventure. I’m so looking forward to becoming a mom.
Oh, and happy news…my brother and his wife are expecting a baby in February. I told you there was something in the water. 🙂