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It’s been a while

So I’ve been off the grid for a while now thanks to my first year teaching in a private school, going back to school to finish my education certificate, keeping up with my two year old, and with the expectation of my second baby (10 weeks to go). I’ve been so busy with those things I’ve had to put my photography business on hold, and have even found I have almost no time to snap a photo of the day. The one thing I have recently started making time for again is knitting and crocheting…to keep my sanity. If you think public school kids are stressful, try dealing with private school parents. I almost quit at the end of the first quarter because I had a lot of parents angry that their kids had earned a B in Art instead of an A. And they weren’t very civil about how they approached me on the matter. Most were aggressive and some even got nastily mean. I would honestly trade a year in a public school with 85 kids in one class than deal with those parents for a single day again. So I picked my needles back up after a long hiatus and made some pretty cute baby hats, and I’ve got the two sides of a pillow complete. I just have to stitch the pillow pieces together and stuff it. Five more days until Christmas break.



Something’s in the Water…

So I found out earlier today that one of my cousins, whom I grew up pretty close to, is joyfully expecting his first baby with his wife. They are due in February. I’m very excited for them! This is another baby thing I will get to make and since they live in Ohio, I will get to make warm winter things like a hat and thick blanket. You know what this means? I’m going to frog the scarf I just started (I think it’s too wide anyway) and use the yarn to make a fuzzy blanket instead.

With that in mind I have the following projects I need to get moving on:

  • My son’s summer blanket (almost done) and winter blanket.
  • My son’s hat and teddy bear.
  • A hat and blanket for my sister-in-law’s baby (must be ready by Christmas because that’s when we’ll see them)
  • A hat and blanket for my cousin’s baby (to be shipped to them by the end of January).
  • A hat or blanket for my friend Amanda’s baby (she is due two weeks after me).
  • A teddy bear for my friend Shannon’s baby (she is due the same day as Amanda).
  • A hat or blanket for my friend Kirstin’s baby (she is due a week after me).

And who knows who else will be added to this list of baby knits/crochets. My brother and his wife perhaps? Or maybe my sister and her husband? Only time will tell.

What to do?

I’m thinking about getting a sewing machine. I have a garbage bag full of old clothes that are so full of holes or stained or faded that I can’t donate them. So I was thinking I’d cut them up for craft projects, like pillows, floor mats, little clutches, and such. I just dread having to stitch all those things together by hand though. So, can anyone recommend a good sewing machine brand or model? One you use and like?

Beryl Boggs the Blog

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we received a direct landfall hit from tropical storm Beryl. I’m very surprised that not a single tree landed on our house as our hurricane season seems to off to an early start. Unfortunately, I had a full slew of client work to be done that weekend. Beryl caused multiple power outages and brown-outs all weekend, forcing me to shut down and unplug my computer. I had to put all of my client work on hold and play catch up from Tuesday until today. I actually still have two client projects that are still waiting to be edited, but after a full week of staying up until 2AM (and at 25 weeks pregnant) to try and catch up, tonight I’m going to bed early. The last two clients’ projects will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Since having to spend all my time catching up on client work, I’ve had to put my Photo of the Day project, my various knitting projects, and pretty much everything else on hold too. So tomorrow, I will resume the Photo of the Day posts and also post a few of the crocheted flowers from my latest “fix holey shirt” project.

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy June.

Recent Yarn Projects

I’m notorious for starting a personal art project and taking forever to finish it. So I’m really proud of myself when I finish personal projects, especially if it’s something I’ve managed to knock out in less than a month. So I just wanted to share a few of my recent finishes and some works in progress.

This little hat only took me three days to finish, but I know I could have done it in a day had I sat still long enough to do it in one sitting. I found the pattern for this little elf hat on If you’re a yarn lover like me and you’re on ravelry, I’d be glad to add you to my friends there. I’m artlover08 on ravelry.


The other photos posted below are earlier projects that I finally got around to snapping a cruddy iPhone photo of. But these little baby hats are totally cute in person!



This fuzzy orange mess is a scarf that I’ve been working on and off for the past four or five years. It’s gotten so boring and I can’t wait to finish with the darn thing! Almost done though! I think it’s got another 45 – 60 minutes left and it will finally be complete. I’m knitting it, which is much slower going for me than crocheting. I’ve been crocheting since I was 8 (almost 20 years) so I’ve become quite the speedy crocheter. It’s knitting that takes me forever because I’m self taught and have only been doing it for five or six years (and I haven’t done it often enough to improve to be honest).


And finally for tonight, here is the pretty baby yarn, granny square afghan I set aside so I could finish the darn orange scarf. It will be the first project I pick back up once the ruddy scarf is done.


Most of what I knit and crochet is just off the cuff so to speak. The little elf hat was the first piece I’d ever followed a pattern for. Most of what I do consists of the basic beginner stitches, but now that I’ve joined a local knitting meet-up group (and thanks to them found ravelry) I’m hoping to expand my stitch knowledge and have a whole stack of really cute patterns to try out. I look forward to sharing those with you in the future.