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Photo of the Day – Nov. 5th

Today’s Photo of the Day comes from one of my favorite places. I love sitting under the old live oaks. They are my favorite part about living in the south, ok, no snow is my favorite part. But the trees are a close second.



Photo of the Day – March 4

You would never know, looking at this photo, that is was only 55 degrees today.


Photo of the Day – March 2

The road my in laws live on is beautifully surrounded by ancient oak trees. I love this drive every day to pick my son up from their house after work.


Photo of the Day – July 1st

Catching up on photo of the day. This was from our outing to the beach (becoming a daily venture).


Photo of the Day – June 17th

June 17th’s Photo of the Day is the view from the sunroof of my car. Happy (belated) Father’s Day too to all the dads, granddads, and soon to be dads.