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Handmade Gifts

December was a busy month in terms of crochet and knitting. I crocheted a lovely scarf and pillow case for my family gift exchange. Our family is so large now we draw names instead of buying for everyone. I wish I had a photo of the pillow case because it’s absolutely adorable! I do have one of the scarf though. I call it Fuzzy Fall.


I also made a scarf for my sister. She loves the color pink and this bright pink yarn just screams her name.


In addition to the pink scarf, I crocheted a purple one for my friend’s 3 year old daughter. I ended up sewing a purple button in the middle of it so she could fasten it and not have to worry about the scarf ever falling off.


I was also very busy knitting slipper socks. A scarf takes about two hours, but each slipper sock pair takes 4-5 hours. I made five sets of these cozy beauties. Three in baby blue, one in purple, and one in burgundy. I only have a photo of the baby blue ones, but will be making more of the other colors in the future. I gave the burgundy pair to my friend for Christmas, and the other four were purchased in my Etsy shop.

I had to break my long time resolution of not purchasing yarn in order to stockpile for these slipper socks since I recently found out the yarn I originally selected has been discontinued. I’ve started the search for alternatives since I bought up all I could find on eBay, but have not found a suitable replacement yet.
My crafting resolution for 2014 is to finish the four blankets I have started by December of 2014. They are the top four things on my w.i.p. List so hopefully rotating between them will not only keep me from getting bored, but will allow me to finish them as well.


Broken Resolution

I know I’ve been MIA for a while now, and with good reason. My son, my business, and life in general has kept me VERY busy. But I just had to take a moment to blog about something that happened yesterday, and promise to get back to my regular posts soon.

On January 1, 2006 I made the New Year’s Resolution to not buy any more yarn until my entire stash was used up. It’s a resolution I have renewed year after year and most importantly, kept year after year. Well, yesterday, that resolution was broken. I bought yarn from a little Etsy shop specifically to make two little baby hats I’ve been itching to make, but haven’t had the right yarn for. Six and a half years of discipline, gone. But, I do plan to continue to keep it from here on out and to renew it once again next year. Wonder what kind of yarn could possibly have made me break this awesome streak? Here’s the link: The photo below is one of the yarns I purchased (and was taken by the shop owner).


The waiting game

Well, it looks like another day of playing the waiting game with this baby. After nesting too much Friday and Saturday, I tried to take it easy on Sunday like I was told to. It was very difficult. All I wanted to do was rearrange the entire house.

My husband and I were hoping the baby would arrive on Saturday, in remembrance of the baby we lost last year. Baby boy seems to have other plans though.

So on my relaxing Sunday I made this cute little hat for the baby and started another one I’ll get finished tonight. It is a crochet pattern I got off Ravelry and although I can’t remember the user who posted it, the pattern is called Fuzzy Bear Hat. I can’t wait to take baby’s first photos in it.



Almost There

I finally finished all the squares for my baby’s first blanket. Now I’ve just got to weave in all the tails and stitch the squares together. It’s another few hours of work, but it feels so good to be this close to being done with it.


Finished Projects

Finally got around to snapping (poor) photos of some of my recently finished projects.


This first scarf is probably one of my favorites ever made. I paired an old teal acrylic yarn from my grandma’s stash with Pattons Cha Cha yarn. I love the patch/stripes pattern it made. This is just a triple crochet using a size 10 (us) hook.


This scarf is similar to the first one. Same stitch and hook, but I used an acrylic in earth tones with a baby blue fashion yarn, also Pattons but I forget the name of it.


This one is made with the same earth tone acrylic as the last scarf, partnered with another yarn that had little tufts of fuzzy in it. This was my first attempt at combining knit and purl. I knit one row and purled the next. Except for the way it curls inward toward the purled side, I like the way it turned out.


This last one is knitted using just the garter stitch. It’s a really light and whispy yarn (sorry I forgot the name of it, but it’s made by Pattons) on size 19 needles. It made it go pretty quick.

L&D Class and a New Project

Tonight, my husband and I have our third Labor & Delivery class. Hopefully, it will go better than last week when I started sobbing in front of the whole class because I was reminded during our practice breathing of our loss of baby Alex. We’re supposedly watching a few birth stories tonight that were actually filmed in the hospital, so they won’t have all that Hollywood flair added to them. “Very real-life” we’re told by the instructor.

Well, with the anxiety I’ve been feeling and my doctor telling me to find something to channel it through, I’m taking my next crochet project with me to class. I’ve finished two scarves this week (I hope to post them soon), and I’m not entirely sure what I’ll start on next. I do know that it will be baby related since I have just eight weeks to finish several projects I’ve put on my list of “to-do’s.” Now that I think about it, I’ll probably start a little blanket and matching hat for my friends Amanda, Shannon, and Kirstin who are all due a week or two weeks after me. Well, that solves it. Off to Ravelry to find a cute pattern for two little boys and a surprise.

Something’s in the Water…

So I found out earlier today that one of my cousins, whom I grew up pretty close to, is joyfully expecting his first baby with his wife. They are due in February. I’m very excited for them! This is another baby thing I will get to make and since they live in Ohio, I will get to make warm winter things like a hat and thick blanket. You know what this means? I’m going to frog the scarf I just started (I think it’s too wide anyway) and use the yarn to make a fuzzy blanket instead.

With that in mind I have the following projects I need to get moving on:

  • My son’s summer blanket (almost done) and winter blanket.
  • My son’s hat and teddy bear.
  • A hat and blanket for my sister-in-law’s baby (must be ready by Christmas because that’s when we’ll see them)
  • A hat and blanket for my cousin’s baby (to be shipped to them by the end of January).
  • A hat or blanket for my friend Amanda’s baby (she is due two weeks after me).
  • A teddy bear for my friend Shannon’s baby (she is due the same day as Amanda).
  • A hat or blanket for my friend Kirstin’s baby (she is due a week after me).

And who knows who else will be added to this list of baby knits/crochets. My brother and his wife perhaps? Or maybe my sister and her husband? Only time will tell.

Photo of the Day – July 11th

The photo of the day is my most recent crochet project by the light of the computer monitor.


Recent Projects

To save money, I purchased the majority of my maternity wardrobe used on eBay and at consignment shops. With any used clothing items, some are bound to come with stains or holes. Eventually, you notice them. I found an orange stain on one of my shirts last week and decided to cover it with a little flower.




I’ve picked the granny square afghan back up after frogging the first square completely. Now I’ve got six of these and with a few more I’ll be able to stitch them all together for my baby boy’s first blanket.



I’m still working on a bunch of flowers to fix the holes in a maternity shirt I bought at an outlet store. Just 20 more flowers to go and I’ll have enough to start stitching them on in the design I have in mind.


Today’s Top Ten Things I’ve Learned

Some things I’ve learned or realized just today:

1. I really like reading blogs about crochet and knitting.

2. Being pregnant during the summer in Florida and having to work in a building with no air conditioning is an absolutely horrible way to spend a day. It’s caused a lot of swelling in my hands and feet.

3. While I’m normally a very patient person, I have no patience for knitting/crocheting on small needles with small yarns. The bulkier the better. I like to combine the thin, fashion yarns with bulkier yarns to make something different.

4. I would much rather photograph a wedding than edit the photos from a wedding.

5. I have to teach my husband how to sweep floors and wash dishes. His parents didn’t do a very good job with those tasks.

6. I love thunderstorms, but not when they interrupt editing my client work because of power outages.

7. I really wish I didn’t have to work so much and I could do all the things around the house that I want to do, like paint the rooms, clean out closets, and reorganize/rearrange.

8. People can actually tell I’m pregnant now and not just pudgy (only took six months).

9. I lack the confidence to follow a knitting/crochet pattern. I’d much rather stick to the things I’m familiar with or make it up as I go than risk screwing a pattern up. So after the scarf I’m currently working on is finished, I am going to make myself follow all the “beginner” patterns in a book that’s been sitting on my shelf for the past six years (even if they are boring), just so I can practice following patterns.

10. I really wish I had more free time. I don’t want to be the mom that can’t play with my kids because I’m always working.